Timberly Wood Turning

Terry Scott

Creative Woodturning

Exhibitions & Awards

Awards to Date

THE ART OF WOOD EXIBITION 2023 https://exhibition.naw.org.nz/awards

Plan Bowls   Blue Gum Treasure   1st place 

Hollow Forms  Pohutukawa at Christmas  2nd Place 

Natural  Mother Nature at its best   1st Place 

Natural Leaves on a Burl 3   2nd Place 

Ornamental  Battle of the Leaves  Highly Commended

Boxes Wakahuia (feather box) 3rd place 


THE ART OF WOOD EXIBITION 2022 https://exhibition.naw.org.nz/awards

Bowls  Chasing your Tail   3rd Place 

Lidded Boxes  Koru Keeper  Highly Commended

Natural  Leaves On a Rope 6  2nd Place 

Natural  Twins with Leaves   3rd Place 

Natural  Blue Gum Reaching for the Sky  Highly Commended 

Platters  Totara with Kaikaka and Copper 3rd Place 

 Platters  Platter Delight  Highly commended 

 Also primary Sponsor Hollow Forms Timberlywoodturning


The Art of Wood Exibition 2021

Primary sponsor of awards for this event  https://exhibition.naw.org.nz/


Kawerau Woodskills 2019

Traditional Woodturning  Highly Commended Aspen Platter 

Traditional Woodturning  Highly Commended Large Blue Gum Burl 

Woodturning open Artistic  Highly Commended Yew Urn 

Royal Easter Show 2019

1st Plain Bowls    Ancient Kauri Turned Bliss

1st Decorated Bowls Leaves on Coolibah !st 

Merit   Decorated Bowls  Walnut Leaves 

2nd Hollow Forms Gingko 4 

3rd Hollow Forms  Pohutukawa on Pohutukawa 

2nd Small  Am I small Enough  Olive Box 

2nd Natural Edge    The Edge  Mallee Burl 

2nd Overall Woodturner 

Franklin Arts 2018 

2nd Artistic Woodturning with Rolled edge 

2nd Traditional Woodturning  with Big is better 

Royal Easter Show 2018  http://naw.org.nz/project/easter-show-2018/

Best of Show Leaves on a rope

Best overall woodworker

1st Decorated Bowl Leaves on a rope

2nd Decorated Bowls Mantaray

1st Plain bowls  Gum Bur

Merit Plain Bowls  Walnut bowl

3rd Natural  Mallee Burl

3rd Something Small  Sea urchin

Merit Artistic  Big Splash

Merit Platters  Gecko and Kauri

Kawearu WoodSkills 2017

Ist Traditional Turning Flame Tree bowl

3rd Artistic Leaves around a burl

Franklin Arts 2017

1st Traditional Woodturning Koa Square Edge

3rd Traditional Woodturning  Coolibah Burl bowl

Royal Easter Show 2017

1st Platters Deep Blue 2

3rd Platters  Walnut and Leaves

Ist Small   Koru Box

Ist Hollow Forms Pohutukawa and Gingko

Merit Hollow Forms Pohutuakawa Bud Vase

Merit Lidded Boxes Puriri Leaves

Merit Decorated Bowls  Poplar Burl

New Zealand International Woodturning Symposium 2016

3rd Lidded Boxes  Ebony and Bone

3rd Woodturning Open

Kawerau WoodSkills 2016

Artistic 3rd Yew Seed Pod

Merit  Mallee Burl Natural Edge bowl

Franklin Arts 2016

Open Glass and Sculptural:

1st Reach for the Sky 


Merit  Yew Hollow form

Merit Pohutukawa 5

Something Small:

Merit  Ebony and Bone

Royal Easter Show 2016

1st Deorated bowl   Clematis

1st Natural  Leaves on  A Rope iv

1st Lidded Boxes  Bone ina box

1st Platters  Bait Ball

Merit Pohutukawa Derby

Merit Plain bowls  Malle burl Bowl

Best over all Woodcrafter of Show

 See www.http://www.naw.org.nz/gallery/eastershow_2016/index.html

World of Woodturners (Wow) Featured artist

January 2016

Kawerau WoodSkills 2015

3rd Place Traditional Woodturning Quilted Platter

 Highly Commended  Carving Open  Leaves on Burl 2

Results at www.naw.org.nz

Franklin Arts 2015

2nd Place Artistic woodcraft : Nautalus

3rd Place Artistic WoodCraft Cascading leaves

3rd Place Something Small Checker Box 2

Royal Easter Show 2015

1st Decorated Bowls   Mallee Burl with Leaves 

1st Hollow Forms     She-oak Spirals 

1st Plain Bowls Rimu delight 

2nd Plain Bowls   Totara Burl

3rd Natural   Natural Edge Mallee Burl 

2nd Platter    Gecko and Mallee

Merit Hollow Forms  

1st Place Overall Best Woodcrafter of show 

Kawerau Wood Skills 2014

1st Overall Traditinal Woodturning Natural (Mallee Burl)

3rd Open Carving : Puriri with Maple Leaves 

Franklin Arts 2014

Merit Traditional turning : Natural Burl 

Royal Easter Show 2014

1st Plain bowls :  Zebrano bowl

1st Decorated plates and platters : Walnut platter 

Merit  Boxes : Solomon Box 

Merit Carving : Leaves around a burl 

Kawerau Wood Skills 2013

1st overall traditional woodturning  Yew Beaut 4

HC Woodturning Traditional

HC Open Carving The Clam

HC Artistc 

Franklin Arts 2013

2nd Hollow forms  Yew Beaut 3

Coca Cola Royal Easter show 2013

Best Overall Wood Crafter

Merit Small Bowls  Kanza Cherry

1st Large Bowls Leaves on Coolibah

Merit Large bowls  Kava & Pohutukawa

Secound  Boxes The Arch

1st Natural  The Edge

2nd Natural Rocking Burl

National Wood Skills Kawerau 2012

Woodturning - Traditional

3rd Majestic Burl

Woodturning - Open Artistic

Highly Comended carved leaves

Coca Cola Royal Easter Show 2012
Best Overall Wood Crafter
1st Small Bowls   Quilted 
1st large Bowls Tui's and Pohutukawa
1st Hollow forms Jacobs coat
2nd Hollow forms  Pohutukawa Haze
1st Lidded Boxes  Ferns in the forest
3rd Lidded boxes  Stacked
2nd Plain bowls Plain as
3rd Natural edge  Nice one
Merit  Natural Bug Escape
Merit Platters  Serve it up
Merit platter Pohutukawa in the sand

Porirua Cutting Edge 2011

Juried Exibition excepted works: Mantaray

Franklin Arts 2011

1st Woodturning Artistic Rimu  Leaves platter 
1st Woodturning Traditional Mallee Burl
1st Carving Gingko 4
2nd Macorocarpa Macrocarpa bowl 

National Wood Skills Kawerau 2011

HC Plain Jane (Mallee burl bowl )
Wood Turning Artistic  
HC Green Tea 
Merit  Leaves on Me

Taranaki Wood Craft Festival  Waitara 2011

3rd place - Traditional Woodturning - Fern Urn 

Royal Easter Show 2011

1st Plain Bowls Olive Bowl
1st Large Bowls Let the Game begin
Merit Large Bowls Over flowing 4
2nd Plates and platters Rust Never sleeps
2nd Wood Carving Fingers and Thumbs
Merit Plates and platters Pohutukawa and Kauri
3rd Hollow Forms and vases Bitter and twisted
3rd Natural Coolibah turned thin
Merit Domestic Ware Spoons
Merit Domestic Ware Tongan Salad
Merit Lidded Boxes 3 In One box
Merit Ornamental Manta ray again

English Wood carving Magazine in the Round 2011

Fruit de mer - Bronze Award (3rd )

Turning and Burning Wood central 2010

Semi finalist - Tea leaves

National Wood skills competition  Kawerau 2010

2nd Traditional Wood turning Red Gum Burl
2nd Artistic Wood turning Tea leaves
Highly commended   Pine Cone
Merit   Fern Hat

Franklin Arts awards 2010

1st Supreme exhibit La Box
1st Ornamental Old Pot
1st Hollow forms / Vases Crab Vase
1st Decorated bowl or platter Kauri and leaves
1st Undecorated Bowl Just Plain (Mallee Burl)
1st Lidded Box La Box Iron Manta ray

The Kauri Museum Matakohe 2010

Matariki Exhibition

1st Bowls and Platters Matariki reflection
2nd Bowls and Platters Koru Bowl

Royal Easter Show 2010

Small bowls First Manta- ray 6
Large Bowls First Trio Burl
  Merit Plain Leaves
Plain Bowls 2nd Rocky Bowl, Red Gum Burl
Plates /Platters First Kauri and vertigris
  2nd Gecko
  Merit Red Ceder Leaves
Hollow Forms and vases First Puriri Leaves
  2nd Looped
  3rd Magnolia leaves
Domestic Ware 3rd Salad bowl and servers
Lidded Boxes 1st Nested boxes
  2nd Aged Puriri leaves
  Merit Queens Box
Ornamental First At the beach and best of show
  2nd Storm Rider
  Merit Rust

Lake Taupo Woodturning Jamboree 2010

Woodturning Open Artistic - Best Of Show - Yew Beut

Kawerau Wood Skills 2009

2nd - Woodturning open artistic - Aged wings 2 
3rd - Traditional Wood turning - Queens Box

Wood Carving Magazine  Cruise contest  April 09

2nd prize - Catergory 8 - Sailing Boat

Wood Central Elegant Forms April 09

3rd place Fly in for tea

Franklin Arts festival 2009

Best Overall Exhibit Aged leaves
1st  Hollow forms Ginkgo leaves 2 
1st  Undecorated bowls Red mallee burl 
1st  Decorated Bowls   Manta Ray leather 2 

Taranakai Wood Craft festival 2009

1st Open carving Puriri Leaves
2nd Artistic Wood turning Manta-ray Leather
3rd Artistic Woodturning Puriri leaves 2
2nd Traditional Woodturning Rose waves 2

Royal Easter show 09

Best Overall Woodturner  
1st Hollow forms Butter Flies converging
2nd Platters Pohutukawa Platter
3rd Small bowls Curls 3
3rd Domestic ware Walking sticks and stand
Merit lidded boxes Aged wings 2
Merit Plain bowls Sugar Gum Burl
Merit carving Fleur de mer

Kawerau wood Skills Exibition 08

3rd Artistic woodturning - Fly in for tea

Franklin Society of the Arts 2008

1st Hollow forms and vases  Ginkgo 2

Thames Society Of The Arts 2008

1st Woodcraft open - Manta ray with feathers 
2nd Woodcraft open - Anyone for Soup

Waimate Wood Craft Exibtion 2008

1st Artistic - Sea Coral 
1st Hollow forms                    
2nd lidded boxes
3rd Artistic

Royal Easter Show 2008

Supreme Exhibit - Curls 1 
Best Overall Woodturner
1st Lidded Boxes - Aged wings 
3rd Lidded Boxes - Russian Boxes 
1st Platters - Triangles 
1st Small bowl less than 250mm - Curls 1
2nd Ornamental - The Beach 
3rd Ornamental - The Fig 
Merit Ornamental               
2nd Hollow Forms

Thames Society of the Arts 2007

2007 Summer Exhibition Best of show Woodcraft - Manta ray Starfish  
Highly commended Woodcraft

Royal Easter Show 2007

3rd Hollow forms Vases
3rd Small bowls
Merit Plates and platters

Franklin Arts Festival 2007

2nd Miniatures / lidded boxes

Taranakai WoodCraft Festival 2007

1st Traditional Woodturning
2nd Traditional Woodturning
Merit Artistic Woodturning

Waimate WoodCraft Expo 2007

1st Traditional Woodturning
2nd Artistic Woodturning

National woodskills Kawerau 2007

1st Traditional Woodturning
Merit Artistic Woodturning

The Thames Society of the Arts Woodcraft competition 2006

1st Woodcraft open
2nd= Woodcraft open
Woodcraft Highly Commended

The Autumn Home show /The working with wood show 2006

Best of Show
1st Woodturning open

Royal Easter Show 2006

Best Overall Woodturner
1st Bowls over 250mm
1st Plain Bowls
1st Plates/ Platters
1st Lidded Boxes
2nd Lidded Boxes
2nd Bowls over 250mm
3rd Bowls over 250mm
3rd Hollow Forms Vases

The National Wood skills Festival Kawerau 2006

2nd Traditional Woodturning
Highly Recommended Traditional Woodturning
Highly Recommended Woodturning Open Artistic

Northland Kauri Festival

Unearthed Beauty Competition Sept 2006
Highly Recommended
Tree Works /Creative Wood /Spring 2006
Best of Best Overall winner

Royal Easter show 2005

Best Overall Woodturner. 1st Hollow forms/vases
1st Lidded boxes
1st Sculptural/Abstract
2nd Miscellaneous
2nd Large bowls
2nd plain bowls
2nd = Platters/plates
2nd = Domestic ware ornaments
Merit Large bowls

Timber and Working with Wood show April 2005

Best of Show
1st Woodturning open

Taranaki Woodcraft Festival may 2005

1st Conventional Woodturning

Franklin Arts June 2005

1st Decorated bowls and platters
1st Bowls
1st miniature
1st lidded boxes
Merit hollow forms

The National Wood skills Festival Kawerau 2005

Tasman Mill 50 years Pinus Radiata award highly commended
Woodturning open Traditional Highly Commended

Royal Easter Show 2004

Best of show
1st lidded boxes
1st Sculptural/Abstract
2nd hollow forms /Vases
Merit platters
Best overall woodturner

Franklin Arts Festival 2004

Best Of show

Turnz Putaruru 2004

Merit Hollow forms
Merit Pine Award
Merit decorated bowl or platter
Merit undecorated platter

Royal Easter Show 2003

2nd Lidded Boxes 
2nd Plates and Platters
2nd Sculptural/Abstract
3rd Hollow forms vases
Merit Small bowls under 250mm

Franklin Arts Festival 2003

Best Of show
Ist Hollow forms
1st Miniature
2nd Decorated bowls /Platters
2nd Bowls
Merit Lidded boxes

Royal Easter Show 2002

2nd best of Show
1st Sculptural/Abstract
1st lidded boxes
2nd Lidded boxes
3rd Lidded boxes
2nd Miscellaneous
2nd Plates and platters

Franklin Arts 2002

1st lidded Box
2nd Miniature
2nd bowls
2nd Hollow form
2nd Decorated bowl or Platter

National Woodskills Kawerau 2002

2nd Natural edged bowl

Turnz Putaruru National woodturning competition 2002

"First time winner"
1st Vivian Timber award
Merit "Platter"

Royal Easter Show 2001

1st "Bowls over 250mm"
Merit "Plates and Platters"

Franklin Arts Festival 2001

1st "Decorated bowl or Platter"
1st Lidded Box
2nd "bowls"

National Woodskills Kawerau 2001

Highly commended: "Engineered wood"

Commissioned pieces

"The Mists of Time "
Bruce Pulman events centre: 2002 foyer display
The New Zealand Olive Growers Association 2002
"Prime olive oil award trophy"
Cornwall Park Trust 2002
"The birds" Made from One Tree Hill Monterey Pine
Exhibited at the Cornwall park visitors centre
The Ring 2005: Displayed at Harcourt holiday park upper Hutt where a Scene from the Lord of the rings was filmed, made from an oak tree used in the set in the giants feeding of the furnace.
Vodaphone Wellington Lions RFC Japan Tour Trophy 2006
Country Garden China .Office Entry display 2007

Events attended have included:

The "Down under turn around" 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005 2006 2007
"Collaboration of the arts" 2001,2003
The Down under Collaboration Newcastle 2005
As well as many workshops and symposiums

Demonstrations of Note.

Demonstrator at The Utah Woodturning Symposium 2004
BYU University Usa Utah
Demonstrator At Turnfest Brisbane Australia 2007
Demonstrator At The Utah Woodturning Symposium 2007
Demonstrator At The NewZealnd Woodcraft Symposium 2007
​Demonstrator Brisbane working with wood show 2009




Dunn Gallery Box exhibition
Emerging Art Show - Alexander park race way 
Kauri Museum - Matakohe Matariki exhibition
Royal Easter Show 2010


Kawerau Wood skills   Kawerau City Council
Objective Arts - Manakau City
Taranakai Wood skills festival  09
GDunn gallery Hawaii
Dunn Gallery Wood Box Exhibit July 09
Royal Easter Show 09


Small packages Papakura city art gallery
Objective Arts Manakau city
Thames Society Of The Arts
Waimate Wood Craft Exhibtion
Royal Easter Show
Morgan Street Gallery Parnell Auckland
Franklin Society Of The Arts
The Papakura Art Gallery Exhibition


Thames Society of the Arts 2007
Franklin Arts Festival 2007
Taranaki Wood Craft Festival 2007
Waimate Wood Craft Expo 2007
National Woodskills Kawerau 2007


The Thames Society Of The Arts Woodcraft Competition
The Autumn Home Show / The Working With Wood Show
Royal Easter Show
Textures Gallery Parnell Auckland
The National Wood Skills Festival Kawerau
Northland Kauri Festival


Royal Easter Show
Timber And Working With Wood Show April
Taranaki Woodcraft Festival May
Franklin Arts June
The National Wood Skills Festival Kawerau


Royal Easter Show
Franklin Arts Festival
Turnz Putaruru 2004


Royal Easter Show
Franklin Arts Festival


Royal Easter Show
Franklin Arts
National Woodskills Kawerau
Turnz Putaruru National Woodturning Competition


Royal Easter Show
Franklin Arts Festival
National Woodskills Kawerau